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Position Your Platform Positively

By Aria Gmitter

communicationGround breaking news rattled the cages of conservative family advocates upon the announcement that the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act was declared unconstitutional. Like the parting of the red sea among religious groups even amidst faith lines there lay those who supported the declaration, and those who did not.

Today, after reading NPR’s social media’s blog, I sat in the hot sauna at my local gym sweating and wondering how this relates to opportunity. I’ve learned the hard way that to advocate against a group creates isolation no matter how well-intended my motivation. In walked a woman, about my age, and I could tell she probably didn’t know that today was a day that made American history.

“Hi,” I said. “Did you hear the news?”

She wiped her forehead, sat down. “No. What news?”

“NPR just posted on their website that the DOMA of 1996 was declared unconstitutional,” I filled her in. I never like to get into deep political conversations. For one, I don’t like how it makes most people feel. However, this was an opportunity for me to test the waters. To see how I can connect with a complete stranger in the midst of unknowing. I had no idea who she was. Nor did I know how this news would impact her life.

Building a platform with social media is a lot like a stranger-to-stranger introduction happening in a hot room. Individuals entering the room are mentally prepared to feel heat, experience some tension, but accept that it’s part of the process required to get that physical release. In social media, there are many times that individuals enter the cyber arena knowing that there is a lot of negative to the situation. Yet, we log-in. We sign up, knowing that there is a benefit to the drill of social media engagement.

For writers and business owners, social media is a necessary evil to inexpensively promote a message, a deal—that will trigger a sale. What’s not desired in the exchange by the business builder is a negative reputation, or to have something said innocently come back to haunt them later.


Image courtesy of [Stoon] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The atmosphere that our Tweets, Facebook and blog posts enter into may be hot and sticky creating an awareness that there is a discomfort there. However, staying in a hot sauna for 20 minutes at the highest temperatures allows the body to break a sweat that is healthy, healing, stress relieving and just plain good. When done intentionally, social media can accomplish the same mental, emotional and social breakthroughs used by the ancients for body healing to promote peace and harmony in society. The heated atmosphere, for whatever topic then becomes an ideal circumstance to promote opportunity. Then, a writer, or any person with a message of impact can connect quickly. Why? Because just like a body temperature once it’s risen is set to sweat freely, aware individuals are set to engage.

Power-Platform is all about engagement. It’s about growing a community of communication.

Let’s all agree. We writers already  know that any word streamed together that add impact and value provokes reaction. In many ways, we are taught by those who have powerful platforms that this is the way to trigger a potential audience to engage. Yet, my observations is that like all things, society is growing tired of negative impact. Yes, unfavorable reactions for some are powerful building blocks. But if you’re like me, that’s not the type of platform I want to build. Why? Because I like to grow people and passions that feels good, and that aligns with my value systems.


Image courtesy of [Stoon] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In the end, powerful platform is about the builder.  A builder carefully analyzes what kind of community is suitable to live in. Where would the builder want to see his or her own family engage?

What type of neighbors are wanted? A strong house is much more powerful than a single brick wall. Sensational engagement triggered by controversy does definitely incite dialogue, but it’s a wall building endeavor. The community is speaking, but few actually are listening and really changing points of view. Heart rates rise, but senses of unity decreases. In the end what generates sales, what creates faithful advocates, word-of-mouth promoters, and people who will happily share your content are those that get a want met.

What is it that we all want most?


We want love. We want all the things that come attached to love. Acceptance. Assurance. Acknowledgment.

We want to believe in good. Good triumphing over evil. That if we are good, we will get some kind of reward. That if we are bad, we will get some kind of grace and still get a reward.

You might say, “I see other people with huge platforms built upon sensationalism and controversy.”

True fact. But the important part in building any kind of platform is ensuring that all dialogue points directly towards the person it promotes.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to be remembered most for?
  • How can my personal branding promote that message?
  • How can I fill the wants of my audience in a way that gives them a community that feels like home?

Platform-Power that has impact to create these types of realities when using social media are the kind that provide a two-fold purpose.

Purpose 1:  It encourages honest dialogue which allows you to gauge your future projects and business plans.

Purpose 2:  Makes you accessible to the end-user. To find out if you are obtaining any kind of ROI with social media, look at the level of engagement that exists. If engagement is high. Then, you know…something is working.


Image courtesy of [stoon] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When focusing on your purpose and the good in your message when using social media, you gain freedom of expression. Instead of struggling to war against the masses that may or may not agree with  you, you get the chance to encourage change with an open door.

On SeaView Radio, I interview Rick Cooper, Social Media Expert on how to create powerful impact using social media without compromising your message, or the values behind your brand. Whether you want to get political, or want to keep your content strictly business Rick Cooper and I can help you to navigate the social media changes that impact your life. —>Here are his FREEBIES to help you get started!

rick-cooperRick Cooper is an Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer. He works with small business owners who want to generate more leads and increase sales using the internet. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs leverage their expertise to attract clients online. Rick is Founder of Social Media Outcomes, based in Sacramento, California and is author of Seize your Opportunities, Marketing Magic, and Extreme Excellence. Rick is an International Speaker on Online Marketing and Social Media. He was featured in Comstocks magazine and has been interviewed by The National Networker, AllBusiness.com and the East Bay Times Business Journal.

How BlogTalk Radio can Give you Platform


By Aria Gmitter

Today’s blog post is about how BlogTalk radio works to provide a unique platform development opportunity.  I first heard about blog talk radio when a friend of mine asked me to co-host her show. She wanted a co-host on her show to type the questions asked by her audience so that those who were too shy to call in could comment on the chat board. My typing skills are pretty insane. In a previously life, I was a court reporter and can type anywhere from 90-100 words a minute with a high level of accuracy.

She gave me a phone number to call at a certain time, and a link to BlogTalkRadio.com What I found was a marketing tool that marries radio and the power of social media in a unique way. As a radio talk show host, I appreciate the value of hitting a large listening audience. As a teacher, I love to educate. As a writer, I love to write, and so to find a place that put together all three I felt like I had hit a lotto. On the front of the website I saw the words FREE. FREE is for ME.

I love free. I love resources. I want to get more out of the media sphere. Clicking away on the various tabs these are the nuggets of gold I found:

BlogTalkRadio is a free platform-power tool that can help promote anything in a big way. You don’t have to get permission to use it. It’s free and it’s freedom to talk freely.

On their landing page BlogTalk Radio (BTR) says its the world’s largest social radio network. This is a true claim. A good friend of mine who has a New York Times Best seller began to use BTR to promote his book, but also his mission in life which is to help men reconnect with their alpha male self.  He began to use BTR and did not get more than a dozen listeners for a month or two. However, he continued to improve his content, and then was invited to have his show featured on the front of the BTR suggested listening list. Next thing you know, he had 50, 000 downloads in one hour on the day of his show. His reach has exponentially extended to have a global impact.

100050,000 people compared to millions of listeners  that can be reached with a BTR program is most definitely a small number. However, what I have learned is that big things happen when a person works diligently on their content and then a national situation occurs where that person is discovered. If you haven’t heard of Ann Voskamp and her blog that turn into a million dollar publishing deal and New York Times Bestseller, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, published by Zondervan, you might want to rethink your belief that nothing will ever happen overnight. She went from an unknown to a known. Her entire writing dreams come true. Why? Because she put her intentions out there using social media.

You have a greater chance to become a successful writer or small business owner using social media than you do at scoring the winning numbers with the Power Ball. You have bought a ticket to the PowerBall before, right? Go ahead. Admit it. You have.

It’s a no brainer. If you’ve been blogging away. Writing away. Advertising away and you would like to take things to a new level, maybe think about trying a new communication style for free.

communicationWe all know that communication styles differ and based upon the type of “hearer” that you are wishing to communicate more effectively with, you need various speaking tools to optimize your levels of engagement. Some people like to read. Some people like to watch. Others like to do things while they listen. The more ways that you as a writer and business person, branches out and conform to meet these different needs, the greater your platform-power will be.

Not to mention that every person needs to hear the same message told in a different way. One person may not understand what you say in written form and that same person may not have the time or the tolerance to read the explanation. What this translates into is missed opportunity. It also translates into crossed-lines of communication and that is never good for building any type of relationship.

Be speaker friendly. Makes another person’s life easier. Add value. Value is a good thing. Don’t you want to be considered someone who provides good things?

Of course you do. Now go, talk on BlogTalk Radio and don’t forget to send me the link so I can tune in, too. 🙂

Your Social Media Game Changing Friend,


More You when Mulitplied x 1

By Aria Gmitter

mathsheet1Do you recall those elementary school days when it was time to do mathematic rote practices in multiplication. The teacher would hand out a white sheet of paper  and sharp No. 2 pencil while students obediently sat quietly in seats waiting to start. Numbers paired with number.  Line-by-line, row-by-row. The flurry began and ended set to the ding of an egg timer  as we all raced to the finish line.

I was horrible in math and often would get mixed up in exponential equations. (Is it any wonder that I became a lover of words?) What a relief it was when I would hit the section of problems that were simply a number multiplied by 1.  No matter how great the number’s length, x 1 was sameness. Nothing lost. Nothing for me to do but to repeat what the number looked like, sounded like and copy it exactly the same. The purity of reproduction was music to my ears because I didn’t have to think for the answer. The answer was presented before me. I was number 1, and the number remained itself. My job was just to identify it and viola! A correct outcome! Best part is that the  x 1 doesn’t disappear or get added to the number to change it. Instead, x 1 means that the original number includes 1 and yet, miraculously remains the same.

This reminds me of how identity in branding works.  Let me explain. If I like your blog post, or your Tweet, and it identifies with me because I feel the same way too, then what I do is repost it. In fact, it’s easy for me to do and fun. I don’t have to work hard to get the same message out. The post speaks on my behalf. Together with my repost we are a united front. I am advocating the message. The message is mine as well, yet at the same time it is not mine. I am invested in the message but at the same time it still belongs to the person who wrote it originally.

This same beautiful mathematical dance in multiplication is what is can easily be applied and accomplished through the power of social media. Let’s translate this into math terms.

You Tweet a message = Xsingle twitter bird_images

I Retweet Your Message to my Followers = (1)

My followers see your message and me, but it’s still your message = X Then, they Retweet it, too. Your Message X a whole lotta 1’s. = lots of 1’s that look like YOU and things start to explode!

Simply stated.

X (1) = X to Infinity.

Power of x 1.

What does this mean for the evolution of today’s social media? How does this impact writers, businesses, advocates and influencers?

It means that your audience can be compelled to a movement of your original message unadulterated, and unedited. It means that you don’t have to have a big following. It means that the strength in numbers can begin as soon as you have 1 follower on Twitter. 1 Facebook Fan. You only have to be concerned about your message, that it sounds out a message that is engaging, accurate to your brand, and what it is that you are wanting to communicate and connects to identity.

This translates into streams of effective multiplication of powerful transmission of a message. Done by individuals who joyfully see you. Because in seeing you, they see themselves.

In fact, if you can take propel your single voice across the unique single streams of various social media, and when those who hear it hear in words what they have been trying to say but have not been able to until you phrased it for them–you will have massive streams of social media power that reflects YOU and your image, your branding and your writing. Media CollageIt’s Platform. It’s Powerful.

It’s Platform-Power!

It’s simply a decision. It’s a choice to decide to be true self. To know who you are. What it is that you want to communicate. Once you have that figured out, then all you have to do is get socially active. If you don’t know how to get social on social media. Find someone to help you. It’s not expensive and you will be glad that you got involved.

Don’t take too long to make the decision to multiply your engagement on social media either. Social media involvement is a decision that runs the course quickly against the engine of time.

Previously it was said that with media content was king. But now with communication moving at the speed of light, waiting to have a perfect message creates a loss of time–The loss of time is a liability we can all scarcely afford.  The new social media revolution says time moves too fast to wait for perfection. Get it out now. Quickly. Powerfully. Visually.

Remind yourself. You just have to be the truest you that you can be. The real writer behind the words that speak for another person, and watch the wave of social media take those words away.

Your Social Media Game Changer Friend,


Social Media – A quick ticket to freedom

By Aria Gmitter – Social Media Game Changer

monopoly card

Are you where you want to be? Seven, and even four years ago, if you had asked me that question, I would have answered no. Today, the answer is still no, but it’s a much different kind of no. The kind I had before was rooted in unhappiness with my circumstances. Social media and it’s power of Free was my Get out of Jail free card, and I happily flash it even today. You can have a ticket to freedom too–in writing, publishing, business development if you want to with an attitude adjustment.

Ask yourself who do you want to be? If you don’t know, then ask yourself…what is it that you love. For me, I loved writing, and social media and writing are like peas and carrots. They are distinctively different, but combined are a yummy combination packed full of powerful color.

A few years ago, I had no platform. I was a writer with no idea how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. I had no idea what the path even looked like.  Today, I’m President of my own company. I have a talk radio show with great ratings. I’ve have had my short stories traditionally published four times. I’ve traveled the world. I have lunch with powerful people, and make a difference with global impact. Tomorrow, I will still be doing what I love and waking up with joy in my heart knowing that it’s only going to get better.

If you are stuck, or even have just hit a plateau, I understand. My life has radically changed from the unemployed teacher with children and a hiring freeze to prevent me from providing my services and doing what I love. Now, what I do for a living has it’s ups and downs, and but I have more control than ever before. The best part of it all is I still help writers. I still am teaching and coaching, and editing with heart, and getting paid to do it. You can do that too with the powerful of your passion and find freedom through FREE social media tools available.

Earlier last week, I was reminded about how far I had dug myself out of a hole with writing, and more importantly how this all came together when I finally figured out how to connect the dots. I didn’t have anyone to show me and so, the process took me even longer than it should have. Truth be told, I was an unwilling spirit. I didn’t want to depend on technology. Once I accepted that social media was more friend than foe, my attitude changed. Lots of people are still stuck where I once was. A conversation with a friend who works with a boss who treats her badly and stresses her out reminded me that for many people life looks more like a prison sentence rather than one filled with passion.
Today’s writing is more about passion and tomorrow’s social media is built upon the experiences that society, the entire world lives out a life of passion. Yesterday’s media still runs the show with images, content, and messages that portray a reality that for most of us, we don’t accept. We won’t accept, and in the pain of realizing that there can be an alternative message–we race our fingers across key board, swype smart phones, and hit send. That’s powerful. That makes changes in the world, and any good you put out in the world will come right back at you later. Powerfully.
This was me a few years ago when I realized I couldn’t work as a teacher any longer because of hiring freezes created by our nation’s economy:
At first I looked like this: ostrich-head    And I wanted to do this: head-in-the-sand
But, my reality changed the instant I decided that I had enough and that I would use writing to get myself from Point A to a different Point B. I’m still in process, but my today is much, different than my yesterday. As a social media writer who works with writers and business in platform development, this outlook has a significant impact on my message. It influences the way I see a new writer, or a struggling start up company and gives me the ability to take a tight budget and grow the business with financial conservativeness.
Make a switch. Anyone can change their future through social media with hard work, diligence and the right attitude. Now that is powerful, and that is what Platform-Power is all about. If you want to tune into our radio talk show, remember I’m on the air live Wednesday nights from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturday mornings from 8 am to 8:30 am, EST. Call 1-877-960-9960.
Your partner in social media game change,