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On Air Time: Saturday 6/15/2013 8:00 pm

“Air it Out with Aria” on the Game Changers Show. From same-sex marriage to all things religious and political, Nothing is off the table, and everything is out of the closet on the Game Changers show.  Game Changer’s host, Aria Dunham explores how to make positive change and global impact through communication.

Aria will be talking with Jim Peterson, current Chapter Chair for Palm Beach SCORE this Wednesday, May 8th at 6:30 p.m.

Jim Petersen, Chair of Palm Beach SCORE

Jim Petersen, Chair of Palm Beach SCORE

He is a former Vice President of Human Resources for Florida Power & Light, where he directed and managed all aspects of setting policy relating to hiring, motivating, and disciplining employees at the parent company, and for a number of smaller subsidiary companies. Jim has also been a business consultant to a number of area small businesses regarding employee related issues. He has served as a mentor to numerous business owners over the years as part of the local SCORE chapter’s leadership team.
SCORE Palm Beach has 35 active volunteers who provided more than 900 hours of mentoring to residents considering opening a new business or who already owned an existing business in Palm Beach County in 2012.
SCORE is not just made up of retired individuals. Today, SCORE Palm Beach has skilled volunteers in social and digital media as well as those in business planning, finance and human resources. SCORE also makes program available to veterans for free.
 In 2012, the Palm Beach County SCORE mentors worked with more than 500 new small business clients. Chapter volunteer mentors conducted more than 60 workshops  that were attended by 450 participants. SCORE’s local chapter, which receives a small amount of federal funding, returned $57 to the Federal Treasury for every $1 allocated by the Small Business Administration.
Nationally, SCORE has 14,000 volunteers, spread over 370 Chapters. Together they have put in more than 1.35 million hours serving 500,000 clients and put on more than  9000 business training workshops.

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May is “Awareness” Month

Are you concerned with the current state of affairs facing our country today? With unemployment at a record high, and federal tax dollars funding our United States military at a record low, there is cause for concern. In fact, the average United States Veteran has an unemployment rate of over 30%! Many military families face unique challenges ranging from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to education and work limitations after returning home.

This month, Aria Dunham explores the controversy associated with these hot issues. If you avoid controversial topics because communication isn’t your strength, Air it Out with Aria. She is dedicated to promoting awareness on current events and showing others how to use social media and communication for global impact that is positive and can be used by anyone!

Last month, Aria interviewed Kat, sex trade survivor and trainer for FBI and law enforcement cutting down on the biz, Cecil Murphey, New York Times best selling author and co-author for Dr. Ben Carson’s book to film “Healing Hands”; Kathy Andersen, Harvard educated author of “Change Your Shoes; Change Your Life” and survivor of childhood sexual abuse; Ian Punnett, On Air Personality, Author, and CNN Correspondent who recently released, “How to Pray when You’re Pissed at God” and Dr. Doug Phillips, Theocentric healer on the latest in quantum physics and energy medicine. Have a question you want answered by Aria? Email us. Aria Answers listener questions on SeaView Radio – on air Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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