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By Aria Dunham

Breaking into new markets are tough in today’s times, particularly for writers and businesses who provide product and content for children’s and young adult markets.

Right now, according to Publisher’s Weekly, Children’s books are steadily on the rise closely followed by Early Reader and the Middle Grade Categories. To help new and existing writers navigate the movements in today’s publishing culture, we’ve compiled a few articles to help equip you to be in the know of what to do to market your books. Since we understand that good marketing not only needs high quality content, but context to command the loyalty of your readers and buyers, we’ve also encourage you to read “Five Steps to Improve Your Marketing to Generation-Y” below.

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Including a Content Marketing Children’s Story

by Angela Natividad  |  May 10, 2013 |  1,009 views |

Learn why Facebook’s blue and how eBay plans to data-woo advertisers. Get the scoop on paid YouTube subscriptions, a better way to manage B2B expenses, and how Yahoo plans to strong-arm the irony crowd with a winning content deal. Speaking of which, finish up with a children’s story about what should be at the heart of your content strategy. Skim for happily ever after!

One-man bandstand. Two weeks ago, Daft Punk’s latest single, “Get Lucky,” featuring Pharrell Williams, exploded on the internetRead more:

Five Steps to Improve Your Marketing to Generation-Y

by Joeri Van den Bergh  |  |

April 24, 2013|

Our world is changing rapidly. Technology is developing faster than ever. Information is shared and made available everywhere.

Generation-Y is the first generation that grew up with the Internet, and these Millennials are used to having everything at their fingertips. They are pragmatic, connected, bold, and eclectic. Marketing, therefore, will never be the same again. Merely pushing advertising doesn’t work anymore. One-way communication simply doesn’t do the trick.

Based on interviews with 21 global marketing executives from various industries (including from Converse, Heineken, Abercrombie & Fitch, BBC, Microsoft, and Reckitt & Benckiser), we defined a five-step plan for marketers to improve their marketing toward demanding Gen-Y customers.

Step 1: Make it relevant

Everything Starts With the Product

If your product isn’t doing what it promises, you may as well close the books.  Read more: