Social Media – A quick ticket to freedom

By Aria Gmitter – Social Media Game Changer

monopoly card

Are you where you want to be? Seven, and even four years ago, if you had asked me that question, I would have answered no. Today, the answer is still no, but it’s a much different kind of no. The kind I had before was rooted in unhappiness with my circumstances. Social media and it’s power of Free was my Get out of Jail free card, and I happily flash it even today. You can have a ticket to freedom too–in writing, publishing, business development if you want to with an attitude adjustment.

Ask yourself who do you want to be? If you don’t know, then ask yourself…what is it that you love. For me, I loved writing, and social media and writing are like peas and carrots. They are distinctively different, but combined are a yummy combination packed full of powerful color.

A few years ago, I had no platform. I was a writer with no idea how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. I had no idea what the path even looked like.  Today, I’m President of my own company. I have a talk radio show with great ratings. I’ve have had my short stories traditionally published four times. I’ve traveled the world. I have lunch with powerful people, and make a difference with global impact. Tomorrow, I will still be doing what I love and waking up with joy in my heart knowing that it’s only going to get better.

If you are stuck, or even have just hit a plateau, I understand. My life has radically changed from the unemployed teacher with children and a hiring freeze to prevent me from providing my services and doing what I love. Now, what I do for a living has it’s ups and downs, and but I have more control than ever before. The best part of it all is I still help writers. I still am teaching and coaching, and editing with heart, and getting paid to do it. You can do that too with the powerful of your passion and find freedom through FREE social media tools available.

Earlier last week, I was reminded about how far I had dug myself out of a hole with writing, and more importantly how this all came together when I finally figured out how to connect the dots. I didn’t have anyone to show me and so, the process took me even longer than it should have. Truth be told, I was an unwilling spirit. I didn’t want to depend on technology. Once I accepted that social media was more friend than foe, my attitude changed. Lots of people are still stuck where I once was. A conversation with a friend who works with a boss who treats her badly and stresses her out reminded me that for many people life looks more like a prison sentence rather than one filled with passion.
Today’s writing is more about passion and tomorrow’s social media is built upon the experiences that society, the entire world lives out a life of passion. Yesterday’s media still runs the show with images, content, and messages that portray a reality that for most of us, we don’t accept. We won’t accept, and in the pain of realizing that there can be an alternative message–we race our fingers across key board, swype smart phones, and hit send. That’s powerful. That makes changes in the world, and any good you put out in the world will come right back at you later. Powerfully.
This was me a few years ago when I realized I couldn’t work as a teacher any longer because of hiring freezes created by our nation’s economy:
At first I looked like this: ostrich-head    And I wanted to do this: head-in-the-sand
But, my reality changed the instant I decided that I had enough and that I would use writing to get myself from Point A to a different Point B. I’m still in process, but my today is much, different than my yesterday. As a social media writer who works with writers and business in platform development, this outlook has a significant impact on my message. It influences the way I see a new writer, or a struggling start up company and gives me the ability to take a tight budget and grow the business with financial conservativeness.
Make a switch. Anyone can change their future through social media with hard work, diligence and the right attitude. Now that is powerful, and that is what Platform-Power is all about. If you want to tune into our radio talk show, remember I’m on the air live Wednesday nights from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturday mornings from 8 am to 8:30 am, EST. Call 1-877-960-9960.
Your partner in social media game change,