More You when Mulitplied x 1

By Aria Gmitter

mathsheet1Do you recall those elementary school days when it was time to do mathematic rote practices in multiplication. The teacher would hand out a white sheet of paper  and sharp No. 2 pencil while students obediently sat quietly in seats waiting to start. Numbers paired with number.  Line-by-line, row-by-row. The flurry began and ended set to the ding of an egg timer  as we all raced to the finish line.

I was horrible in math and often would get mixed up in exponential equations. (Is it any wonder that I became a lover of words?) What a relief it was when I would hit the section of problems that were simply a number multiplied by 1.  No matter how great the number’s length, x 1 was sameness. Nothing lost. Nothing for me to do but to repeat what the number looked like, sounded like and copy it exactly the same. The purity of reproduction was music to my ears because I didn’t have to think for the answer. The answer was presented before me. I was number 1, and the number remained itself. My job was just to identify it and viola! A correct outcome! Best part is that the  x 1 doesn’t disappear or get added to the number to change it. Instead, x 1 means that the original number includes 1 and yet, miraculously remains the same.

This reminds me of how identity in branding works.  Let me explain. If I like your blog post, or your Tweet, and it identifies with me because I feel the same way too, then what I do is repost it. In fact, it’s easy for me to do and fun. I don’t have to work hard to get the same message out. The post speaks on my behalf. Together with my repost we are a united front. I am advocating the message. The message is mine as well, yet at the same time it is not mine. I am invested in the message but at the same time it still belongs to the person who wrote it originally.

This same beautiful mathematical dance in multiplication is what is can easily be applied and accomplished through the power of social media. Let’s translate this into math terms.

You Tweet a message = Xsingle twitter bird_images

I Retweet Your Message to my Followers = (1)

My followers see your message and me, but it’s still your message = X Then, they Retweet it, too. Your Message X a whole lotta 1’s. = lots of 1’s that look like YOU and things start to explode!

Simply stated.

X (1) = X to Infinity.

Power of x 1.

What does this mean for the evolution of today’s social media? How does this impact writers, businesses, advocates and influencers?

It means that your audience can be compelled to a movement of your original message unadulterated, and unedited. It means that you don’t have to have a big following. It means that the strength in numbers can begin as soon as you have 1 follower on Twitter. 1 Facebook Fan. You only have to be concerned about your message, that it sounds out a message that is engaging, accurate to your brand, and what it is that you are wanting to communicate and connects to identity.

This translates into streams of effective multiplication of powerful transmission of a message. Done by individuals who joyfully see you. Because in seeing you, they see themselves.

In fact, if you can take propel your single voice across the unique single streams of various social media, and when those who hear it hear in words what they have been trying to say but have not been able to until you phrased it for them–you will have massive streams of social media power that reflects YOU and your image, your branding and your writing. Media CollageIt’s Platform. It’s Powerful.

It’s Platform-Power!

It’s simply a decision. It’s a choice to decide to be true self. To know who you are. What it is that you want to communicate. Once you have that figured out, then all you have to do is get socially active. If you don’t know how to get social on social media. Find someone to help you. It’s not expensive and you will be glad that you got involved.

Don’t take too long to make the decision to multiply your engagement on social media either. Social media involvement is a decision that runs the course quickly against the engine of time.

Previously it was said that with media content was king. But now with communication moving at the speed of light, waiting to have a perfect message creates a loss of time–The loss of time is a liability we can all scarcely afford.  The new social media revolution says time moves too fast to wait for perfection. Get it out now. Quickly. Powerfully. Visually.

Remind yourself. You just have to be the truest you that you can be. The real writer behind the words that speak for another person, and watch the wave of social media take those words away.

Your Social Media Game Changer Friend,