How BlogTalk Radio can Give you Platform


By Aria Gmitter

Today’s blog post is about how BlogTalk radio works to provide a unique platform development opportunity.  I first heard about blog talk radio when a friend of mine asked me to co-host her show. She wanted a co-host on her show to type the questions asked by her audience so that those who were too shy to call in could comment on the chat board. My typing skills are pretty insane. In a previously life, I was a court reporter and can type anywhere from 90-100 words a minute with a high level of accuracy.

She gave me a phone number to call at a certain time, and a link to What I found was a marketing tool that marries radio and the power of social media in a unique way. As a radio talk show host, I appreciate the value of hitting a large listening audience. As a teacher, I love to educate. As a writer, I love to write, and so to find a place that put together all three I felt like I had hit a lotto. On the front of the website I saw the words FREE. FREE is for ME.

I love free. I love resources. I want to get more out of the media sphere. Clicking away on the various tabs these are the nuggets of gold I found:

BlogTalkRadio is a free platform-power tool that can help promote anything in a big way. You don’t have to get permission to use it. It’s free and it’s freedom to talk freely.

On their landing page BlogTalk Radio (BTR) says its the world’s largest social radio network. This is a true claim. A good friend of mine who has a New York Times Best seller began to use BTR to promote his book, but also his mission in life which is to help men reconnect with their alpha male self.  He began to use BTR and did not get more than a dozen listeners for a month or two. However, he continued to improve his content, and then was invited to have his show featured on the front of the BTR suggested listening list. Next thing you know, he had 50, 000 downloads in one hour on the day of his show. His reach has exponentially extended to have a global impact.

100050,000 people compared to millions of listeners  that can be reached with a BTR program is most definitely a small number. However, what I have learned is that big things happen when a person works diligently on their content and then a national situation occurs where that person is discovered. If you haven’t heard of Ann Voskamp and her blog that turn into a million dollar publishing deal and New York Times Bestseller, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, published by Zondervan, you might want to rethink your belief that nothing will ever happen overnight. She went from an unknown to a known. Her entire writing dreams come true. Why? Because she put her intentions out there using social media.

You have a greater chance to become a successful writer or small business owner using social media than you do at scoring the winning numbers with the Power Ball. You have bought a ticket to the PowerBall before, right? Go ahead. Admit it. You have.

It’s a no brainer. If you’ve been blogging away. Writing away. Advertising away and you would like to take things to a new level, maybe think about trying a new communication style for free.

communicationWe all know that communication styles differ and based upon the type of “hearer” that you are wishing to communicate more effectively with, you need various speaking tools to optimize your levels of engagement. Some people like to read. Some people like to watch. Others like to do things while they listen. The more ways that you as a writer and business person, branches out and conform to meet these different needs, the greater your platform-power will be.

Not to mention that every person needs to hear the same message told in a different way. One person may not understand what you say in written form and that same person may not have the time or the tolerance to read the explanation. What this translates into is missed opportunity. It also translates into crossed-lines of communication and that is never good for building any type of relationship.

Be speaker friendly. Makes another person’s life easier. Add value. Value is a good thing. Don’t you want to be considered someone who provides good things?

Of course you do. Now go, talk on BlogTalk Radio and don’t forget to send me the link so I can tune in, too. 🙂

Your Social Media Game Changing Friend,