Position Your Platform Positively

By Aria Gmitter

communicationGround breaking news rattled the cages of conservative family advocates upon the announcement that the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act was declared unconstitutional. Like the parting of the red sea among religious groups even amidst faith lines there lay those who supported the declaration, and those who did not.

Today, after reading NPR’s social media’s blog, I sat in the hot sauna at my local gym sweating and wondering how this relates to opportunity. I’ve learned the hard way that to advocate against a group creates isolation no matter how well-intended my motivation. In walked a woman, about my age, and I could tell she probably didn’t know that today was a day that made American history.

“Hi,” I said. “Did you hear the news?”

She wiped her forehead, sat down. “No. What news?”

“NPR just posted on their website that the DOMA of 1996 was declared unconstitutional,” I filled her in. I never like to get into deep political conversations. For one, I don’t like how it makes most people feel. However, this was an opportunity for me to test the waters. To see how I can connect with a complete stranger in the midst of unknowing. I had no idea who she was. Nor did I know how this news would impact her life.

Building a platform with social media is a lot like a stranger-to-stranger introduction happening in a hot room. Individuals entering the room are mentally prepared to feel heat, experience some tension, but accept that it’s part of the process required to get that physical release. In social media, there are many times that individuals enter the cyber arena knowing that there is a lot of negative to the situation. Yet, we log-in. We sign up, knowing that there is a benefit to the drill of social media engagement.

For writers and business owners, social media is a necessary evil to inexpensively promote a message, a deal—that will trigger a sale. What’s not desired in the exchange by the business builder is a negative reputation, or to have something said innocently come back to haunt them later.


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The atmosphere that our Tweets, Facebook and blog posts enter into may be hot and sticky creating an awareness that there is a discomfort there. However, staying in a hot sauna for 20 minutes at the highest temperatures allows the body to break a sweat that is healthy, healing, stress relieving and just plain good. When done intentionally, social media can accomplish the same mental, emotional and social breakthroughs used by the ancients for body healing to promote peace and harmony in society. The heated atmosphere, for whatever topic then becomes an ideal circumstance to promote opportunity. Then, a writer, or any person with a message of impact can connect quickly. Why? Because just like a body temperature once it’s risen is set to sweat freely, aware individuals are set to engage.

Power-Platform is all about engagement. It’s about growing a community of communication.

Let’s all agree. We writers already  know that any word streamed together that add impact and value provokes reaction. In many ways, we are taught by those who have powerful platforms that this is the way to trigger a potential audience to engage. Yet, my observations is that like all things, society is growing tired of negative impact. Yes, unfavorable reactions for some are powerful building blocks. But if you’re like me, that’s not the type of platform I want to build. Why? Because I like to grow people and passions that feels good, and that aligns with my value systems.


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In the end, powerful platform is about the builder.  A builder carefully analyzes what kind of community is suitable to live in. Where would the builder want to see his or her own family engage?

What type of neighbors are wanted? A strong house is much more powerful than a single brick wall. Sensational engagement triggered by controversy does definitely incite dialogue, but it’s a wall building endeavor. The community is speaking, but few actually are listening and really changing points of view. Heart rates rise, but senses of unity decreases. In the end what generates sales, what creates faithful advocates, word-of-mouth promoters, and people who will happily share your content are those that get a want met.

What is it that we all want most?


We want love. We want all the things that come attached to love. Acceptance. Assurance. Acknowledgment.

We want to believe in good. Good triumphing over evil. That if we are good, we will get some kind of reward. That if we are bad, we will get some kind of grace and still get a reward.

You might say, “I see other people with huge platforms built upon sensationalism and controversy.”

True fact. But the important part in building any kind of platform is ensuring that all dialogue points directly towards the person it promotes.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to be remembered most for?
  • How can my personal branding promote that message?
  • How can I fill the wants of my audience in a way that gives them a community that feels like home?

Platform-Power that has impact to create these types of realities when using social media are the kind that provide a two-fold purpose.

Purpose 1:  It encourages honest dialogue which allows you to gauge your future projects and business plans.

Purpose 2:  Makes you accessible to the end-user. To find out if you are obtaining any kind of ROI with social media, look at the level of engagement that exists. If engagement is high. Then, you know…something is working.


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When focusing on your purpose and the good in your message when using social media, you gain freedom of expression. Instead of struggling to war against the masses that may or may not agree with  you, you get the chance to encourage change with an open door.

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rick-cooperRick Cooper is an Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer. He works with small business owners who want to generate more leads and increase sales using the internet. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs leverage their expertise to attract clients online. Rick is Founder of Social Media Outcomes, based in Sacramento, California and is author of Seize your Opportunities, Marketing Magic, and Extreme Excellence. Rick is an International Speaker on Online Marketing and Social Media. He was featured in Comstocks magazine and has been interviewed by The National Networker, AllBusiness.com and the East Bay Times Business Journal.