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All success begins with passion! Your passion is what compels your vision forward. Social media is how to get you to where you are going. Have an idea? A project to share? A book to publish? A dream to awaken. Tell a powerful story and you’re there…through social media!

Are you all in?  Get in the game, tune in and join Game Changer host, Aria Dunham. She gives you the tools and psychology behind social media power to build platform and influence for positive change and global impact. With the power of social media and communications, everyone connects, engages and communicates.   Have a question? Call: 1-877-960-9960. Live Webcam!

Previous Podcasts 

August 2013

8/21/2013 Become a Cyber Grandmother! Why Social Media needs Grandmothers to Get Active On-Line! Click to Listen.

8/17/2013 – 5 Ways Faith Based Organizations Can use Social Media in a Powerful Way and why they should. Click to Listen.

8/10/2013 – When People Talk about Race & Culture what they mean is Religion and Gender. Click to Listen.

8/03/2013 – How faith based individuals can make an social media impact using the simplest emotion of all – LOVE. Click to Listen.

July 2013

7/10/2013 – Aria interviews Mark Pogodzinski, Founder of No Frills Buffalo, LLC & Amelia Press Publishers. Together they discuss No Frills and how to get your book project published and keep all rights. Click to Listen.

7/6/2013 – Who Should Write your Social Media? You are a writer for hire? Click To Click to Listen.

7/3/2013 – Should you kickstart your project with Kickstarter? Click to Listen.

June 2013

6/29/2013 – Blogging: Steps to Build Trust and an Active Community. Click to Listen.

6/26/2013  – On Wednesday’s Show, Aria interviewed Game Changer, Rick Cooper, Social Media Expert and President of Social Media Outcomes based in Sacramento, California.  Rick shares some simple steps and a free promotional offer for training on social media outcomes. Click to Listen.

6/22/2013 – Aria encourages Game Changers on how to get active in social media by engaging their passions and purpose. Click to Listen.

6/19/2013 – Aria explores the untapped power of secret sharing and social media. Click to Listen.

6/15/2013 – More social media tools to help make life easier. Click to Listen.

6/12/2013 – Social Media discussions and exploration on what’s out there and how to maximize it. Click to Listen.

6/05/2013 – Aria shares some social media tips and resources to simplify your life. Click to Listen.

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July is “Write and Publish for Platform” Month

Everyone has a story to tell. How to tell your story is a big decision. It has to be done well. It needs to be done right. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, or a entrepreneur who just wants to help other succeed, you can use publishing and social media to create a personal brand.

Are you ready for a Game Change? For the entire month of June, Aria challenges Game Changers everywhere to reignite passion– professionally, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Don’t put it off one more day. Are you passionate, or just living day to day? If you are unsure what your passion is in life, but know that you’re ready for a change, the month of June is packed full of information.

As Aria explores passion plays in our every day lives, check in at for resources to help you along the way.

Have a question you want answered by Aria? Email us. Aria takes all listener calls on SeaView Radio – on air Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Past podcast topics include:

Kat, sex trade survivor and trainer for FBI and law enforcement cutting down on the biz, Cecil Murphey, New York Times best selling author and co-author for Dr. Ben Carson’s book to film “Healing Hands”; Kathy Andersen, Harvard educated author of “Change Your Shoes; Change Your Life” and survivor of childhood sexual abuse; Ian Punnett, On Air Personality, Author, and CNN Correspondent who recently released, “How to Pray when You’re Pissed at God” and Dr. Doug Phillips, Theocentric healer on the latest in quantum physics and energy medicine, and Jim Peterson, former CFO of Florida Power & Light and current Chair for SCORE of the Palm Beaches; Rick Cooper, Founder of Social Media Outcomes

Game Changers is a Platform-Power Production where listeners communicate and the world listens. 

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