Leslie_covet_webNovember 2013:  I was very lucky to acquire the services of Aria Dunham beginning last year.  I am a self-published author with a mission to educate others on the serious topic of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder while delivering a message of hope, healing, and recovery.  Aria is knowledgeable about the business, marketing, and publishing world and has an “A” list network that she utilizes to assist her clients in reaching their goals. She is flexible with her schedule so if you need a late afternoon conference call she happily accommodates you.   She has exceeded my expectations with short notice turn around on projects and meetings that are unscheduled.  When she works with you, she focuses all her attention on you and the project at hand.  I appreciate her approach to working with me because we work as a team.  I have had wonderful feedback on press releases, increased traffic on my website and all six of my social media platforms because Aria gave me some helpful pointers.  I also love the fact she is visible to me as a client and I only work with her. Thank you so much, Aria for your hard work and our continued success in book two and three. Leslie Raddatz, Author and Peer Advocate, Oshkosh, WI

transcended savantJune 2013: You nurtured my first manuscript, Transcended, as if it were your own child. You fed it creative ideas and cleaned it of messy jargon, all while letting it organically grow as I rewrote and rewrote. After completion, and at all hours, you  continued to offer marketing and management counsel. Much of your positive influence helped my work reach the number 2 spot in the Amazon Supernatural category, upon its release date. I stand behind you one hundred percent.  ~Much Love, Brando Christo, Author of Transcended

ianpunnettJune 2013:  Aria is a great professional, friend, colleague and somebody who is willing to go the extra mile just because she knows what happens when the right people make the right connections. ~Ian Punnett, Author of How to Pray when You’re Pissed at God, radio host

June 2013: What I admire and respect about Aria, is that she is a connector. She goes the 2nd mile in helping the right people connect or collaborate with each other. It’s been my experience that she genuinely likes to help, with no expectation. She has been a great tool for me on some of my writing projects. Whether it’s been editing, or creating a sturdy frame work, or hashing out a character, I continue to call on her. I would recommend anyone to do the same. This is Woman, Connected! ~ Writer, Speaker, Life Coach, Janice Bodasing

stephenkhayesDecember 2012:  Aria coached me to a higher quality of expressing myself and engaging readers through my writing. I had written 19 books about Asian martial arts and meditation, with just under a million total copies out there. I wanted to move to a bigger reader audience with my newest project — an ambitious book describing my study of arcane tantric Buddhist spiritual dagger powers guided by the Dalai Lama for the last 20 years. I needed a new voice to make that relevant, attractive, and not-scary for a lot more readers. She worked with me through question and answer coaching and line-by-line investigation of what I was writing. She did not simply edit my work into better form; she helped me to see what could be a better way of writing and then build that myself. What an angel she is in my life. Maybe she can help you develop your writing project, too. ~Stephen K. Hayes, Author of Iron Phurba – Removing Road Blocks in your Life’s Journey