Random House Penguin Merger Approved By Department Of Justice

The Justice Department has closed an investigation of a proposed merger between Penguin and Random House and will take no action to stop the deal that would create the world’s largest publisher of consumer books.

“The combined company will control 26 percent of the global consumer publishing market.”

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Good news: Unlike West, publishing industry growing in India

New Delhi: The printed book is still sought after by readers in India. The publishing industry, valued at nearly $2 billion, is witnessing a healthy growth despite the slump in the international market and threats from digital mediums.

Experts say the millennia-old tradition of written texts, conservative Indian mindsets, vigorous event-based promotions of the reading culture, the sudden spurt in national and state-level literature festivals and competitive pricing are keeping the industry on the move, drawing new segments of readers.

Indian publishing industry was registering a growth rate of 15 percent annually and is estimated at nearly $2 billion. Reuters
This was evident at the World Book Fair 2013, which clocked heavy footfalls and transacted several international deals.

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