Should you Smash Your Words?

By Aria Dunham

Writers every where are frustrated with the traditional publishing route and the ever-increasing gatekeepers to the almighty book in print. So, in desperation writers flooded e-publishing on Amazon, in hopes of having sales sky-rocket. The sad story for many indie e-published writers is that the stream of new books became a flood gate that burst open, and titles were covered by the wave faster than you can type tsunami.

Visit SmashwordsThe news on e-publishing and indie authors is that despite a dip in the number of self-published authors posted on Amazon, authors are not giving up the dream of seeing their words in print.  The latest increase in e-publications can be seen by Smashwords.

What is Smashwords anyway? Is it legitimate? Can it help new writers get the visibility that they long for?

According to a blog post dated Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 by the original Smashwords blog  Authors are being helped all around the world on the sale and publication of their books. You can review the details of their self-conducted study here.

To make the publishing process easier for writers, Smashwords has dedicated a few useful tools to their potential clients for free. One of which comes in a The Secrets to E-book Publishing Success.

Smashwords has also put together a small video for writers to help them understand how data drives sales. If you are interested in watching this video here’s the link.

Every coin has two sides. When I first heard of Smashwords, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical but mostly due to piracy issues related to content theft. But I had also heard some stories about the layout of books published on Smashwords.


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Is new technology effecting the publishing industry?

Fox15 Video StoryIn a struggle between new technology versus tradition, the publishing industry could be in real trouble.  Three years ago Amazon reported selling 180 e-books for every 100 hard cover books, and it has been rapidly accelerating.

“The revolution in the medium, in the book, magazine, and newspaper industry is just amazing to me.  It’s going so fast,” says Trent Angers, Editor and Publisher of Acadian House Publishing.

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Platform-Power Take

Platform-Power believes the trend in e-publishing will continue however there is still currently plenty of opportunity for traditional book publishing. Check our author services to find out more: Platform-Power Author Services

How the People Saved Book Publishing

The following is a highly edited and altered excerpt from an introduction to my new ebook, Finding the Future of Digital Book Publishing.

Whatever happened to newspapers? They used to be an area of growth and a cash machine. Today, the industry is written about as a patient on life support. Magazines are in the neighboring hospital bed to newspapers. Television is suffering from the twin ailments of piracy and new competition from its streaming partners (Hulu, Netflix, etc.). The music industry? What music industry. It’s half of what it was a decade ago.

All victims of digital disruption.

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Bookish, the Publishing Industry’s Great Digital Hope, Has Finally Launched

At long last, the publishing industry’s much-delayed book discovery platform has finally arrived. Bookish, a collaboration between Simon & Schuster, Hachette and Penguin, went live yesterday.

And just what has a year and a half of work produced? The home page spotlights bestsellers and new releases, alongside exclusive content like an essay from Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert tut-tutting Philip Roth. There’s the option of receiving updates via newsletter. Browsers can also purchase, let’s say, Michael Bolton’s new memoir directly through the site.

It’s pretty clear the point of all this hullabaloo is to wrest some control away from Amazon.

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Augmented Reality Is Revolutionizing the Publishing Industry (Finally!)

After years of incubation, it is finally clear that AR is going to transform our mobile computing experiences. With an Augmented Reality (AR) app, you can point your smartphone or tablet at an icon or picture that is on an enabled page and get additional information about what you are seeing.

Popular Science used this in a recent issue to bring up a video of inventors talking about their inventions.

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It’s Platform Power’s position that all publishing projects should be planned as multimedia projects. AR is just one of the many technologies that will allow you to monetize your intellectual property. Stay tuned here to learn more about the latest in publishing, marketing, and building your platform.

Three Predictions for Book Publishing in 2013

This year, for the second time in a row, I spoke with about a dozen ebook and book-publishing experts to get their predictions on what would happen in book publishing in 2013. I compiled the information and published this: Ten Bold Predictions for Ebooks and Digital Publishing in 2013.

The thing is, while I think these are solid predictions and will probably be more accurate than our predictions from last year(which have turned out to be really accurate — but more on that in the new year), it doesn’t really scratch my personal itch for making predictions. These, of course, are the predictions of experts that I merely filtered and compiled. When do I get to make predictions?

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