Writers Conferences

writingtools By Aria Dunham

Below is a list of websites listing conferences and retreats for writers. At these writers conferences, authors have the opportunity to present their book projects before agents, publishing house editors, and network with other writers, both published and unpublished. If you have never been to a writers conference before, my strongest suggestion is to make sure that you do. Not only does this help set a reality of what your future will look like (ie book signings, potential audience demands, promotional materials that work and don’t work) but it demonstrates the level of seriousness you have towards being in the field. Being an author is becoming an author-ity. Someone worthwhile being invested into because the author invests into the writing community on a high level.

Here are some links to visit:

Association of Writers and Writing Programs

Guide to Writers Conferences & Writing Workshops [Shaw Guides]

List of Writers’ Conferences [Wikipedia]

Retreats for Writers

Here are upcoming conferences that are still open for attendance. Think that making last minute plans is a waste of time? Once upon a time, so did I.  What I discovered while making plans to attend the Book Fair Expo 2013 in New York City is that sometimes last minute travel arrangements are less expensive and still get you in the place to be. I made all travel arrangements the week of the


Here is a one stop click away to find every writing opportunity your inner poet or author self can handle. I found this guide after searching the web for hours. Save time with NewsPages.com. You can find all the best writing conferences and retreats organized by state. This website is a wonderful organized and a hub for what you are looking for to take your writing to the next level, or to get away and get started with more seriousness. Check out News Pages. 

Christian Market and Mainstream markets are different. Currently, sales in Christian writing market are increasing every day. More than 50% of new authors that break into publishing find their voice in the Christian Market and then eventually move into mainstream. Below is a showcase of upcoming writers conferences.


July 2013

August 2013

September 2013

  • September 25-28
    Maranatha Christian Writers Conference

    Muskegon, MI – Maranatha Conference Center
    The shore of Lake Michigan provides the perfect setting to improve your writing skills and become published, with the personalized help of authors, editors, agents and publishers.